• Alice Ridsdale

Mental Health Awareness Week

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Schizophrenia- let's include it in the conversation this week!

Whilst attitudes surrounding mental health is changing, severe mental illness remains excluded from the discussion. It is undeniable that conversations become less palpable when jargon shifts from 'low moments' and 'panic attacks' too 'hallucinations' and 'hearing voices’.

Dr Joseph Hayes rightly explains one of the reasons for this is that “most people who have never experienced psychosis, find it hard to imagine what it’s like. Most of us can relate to depression and anxiety, but a lot of us struggle to empathise with people affected by schizophrenia.”

According to a leading mental health charity, 25x the amount of money is spent on research into cancer than mental health per person affected, which reflects societies disparate perception of physical health over mental health.

Tiptoeing around severe mental illness generates stigma and fear. This, in turn, leads to every element of it being largely ignored, including the need for the substantial funding required to research severe mental illness.



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