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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I started making jewellery at the beginning of lockdown. It was a sporadic idea that sprung into action to pass the overflowing time that I, like many others, had suddenly been presented with. Sending photos of my beach-inspired handmade jewellery to the group chat, I waited for the flood of abuse that usually swamped my screen after sharing yet another of my 'creative' isolation projects.

Previously there had been the abstract nude paintings which were understandably given a weirded-out response. Soon after, I sent photos of embroidered jeans and painted bottles. The response was underwhelming, to say the least; a couple of thumbs up emoji's that reaffirmed my need to put down the needle and paintbrushes.

My earrings were the first and final project to get the tick of approval from the group chat and that's how Hannah Molly Jewellery was born. From there it evolved into a collection of shells, clams and starfishes ready to steal you away from lockdown reality and plant you on your beach holiday that got cancelled. Each of my earrings in the first collection is named after a destination I've travelled to and adored.

"Handmade jewellery transporting you to a place where sand meets sea"


The Bali earrings were inspired by my 2017 trip to South East Asia. Upon wearing these earrings I reminisce on adventure, tranquil seascapes and breath-taking sunsets. I think of the monkeys in Ubud which were seemingly cute but had the cheek to steal your food and entire belongings. Available in silver or gold, these minimalist shell earrings are essential for any holiday (or staycation) and can be accompanied by layering with the gold Panwa set.

Samui Earrings

You would think that getting stung 15 times by a sea urchin would make Koa Samui the last place I would name my earrings after. Skinny dipping after a night out, I arose to the surface of the water with limbs that looked more like a porcupine then hands and feet. I took myself and my prickly counterparts to bed. The next morning, I went to the hostel reception feeling very sorry for myself. The hostel manager- a lovely Thai women- spent an hour smashing a rock against my wrist in the assurance it would draw out the spines. It worked and I was relieved to be mostly spine free to enjoy snorkelling in clear blue waters by midday. The Samui earrings are a fun collection of entwined shells and twinkling gold plated stars.


I spent two weeks last Christmas in Cape Panwa hotel located in Phuket, Thailand. It was a bittersweet trip. I was in a palm tree paradise spending my mornings running along the beach before indulging in a buffet breakfast. However, I wouldn't be spending Christmas with my whole family, as usual. My oldest brother stayed in London with his wife and twin babies. It was to be the first Christmas without my brother Sam, who had passed away in April. My other brother Calum had missed out on the past 13 Christmases, since he died in 2007. It was inevitably going to be painful.

Myself, Alice and parents escaped Christmas entirely. Santa clause- a lean Thai man in James Bond sunglasses- swapped his sleigh for a motorbike. We ate spring rolls instead of pigs in blankets and spent Christmas day getting a 2 hour spa treatment. It didn't feel like Christmas at all but that was the beauty of it. So hereafter the Panwa earrings were born in the form of shiny gold plated cowrie shells.


The Byron earrings embodies all the radiance of Byron Bay; the infamous hippy town in Australia. When I wear the Byron earrings, I now reminisce on a day spent driving to a secluded beach and setting up fort for the day with a drink in hand and watching the distant BBQ take shape.

We have recently launched the ocean collection- a fun cohesion of clams, colourful shells & sparkling starfish. Get your daily dose of the island life & browse through our range of beach paradise inspired earrings on Instagram or Depop.

-Hannah Ridsdale

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